Mission & Vision


Create a cohesive identity of a 'SGM International' whose learning orientation cultivates ingenuity and innovation, courage and compassion with an inherent spirit of universal responsibility.

Engender a culture of continuous 'life long learning' through the development of curricula and innovative pedagogy.

Develop and sustain quality systems in School governance, educational and support services, performance review and continual improvement.

Harness the collective energy and talent of our alumni, assimilate and internalise the legendary SGM International spirit of "Never Give In".

We recognize and develop each child’s unique potential as resilient, resourceful and internationally minded learner. Shall strive to impart extra curricular experience in order to foster student’s individual interest and talent.



Our vision is to provide value based education that is globally bench marked with the best in the world. Our endeavour is to grow our students into aesthetically rich, intellectually aware and well-grounded individuals, capable of fulfilling their dreams and aspirations and contributing positively to society. also our vision is to teach our students to keep grappling with the challenges in life, to push their limits and step out of their comfort zones.

Together we Learn, Enjoy, Grow and Achieve