About Us

Welcome to The SGM International School,  an exclusive centre for imparting education on a system based on the troika of MODERNITY, INTEGRATION and INCLUSIVENESS, SGM International offers a modern and sophisticated learning environment that embodies all the critical aspects of a child’s multifaceted growth and progressive learning.

The philosophy of The SGM International School encompasses core life skills. In this 21st century of brain-shattering and spine-chilling issues, we teach our children to be responsible and diligent individuals, we teach them to have faith in their abilities and to follow their instincts so that they can produce extraordinarily bright and successful results in every field of their life. And yet we teach them acceptance and humility! We teach them that it’s alright to fail at times in life—it’s the determination to spring back that counts the most. And perhaps this philosophy of ours makes our students stand out in the plebeian.

The School envisions a robust, vibrant and holistic education that will stimulate excellence in every undertaking of our students. Furthermore, we are committed on providing quality education to promote intellectual, social and cultural vivacity among our learners. Our obligation to students goes beyond basic education, as we help them grow into conscientious, confident and independent individuals.

SGM International School with its supportive and challenging atmosphere comprises of a dynamic, forward looking community of lifelong learners. The school has a safe, child centered environment which inspires each student to discover his/her talent while achieving maximum success. Students interests and developmental needs dictate the direction of teaching and learning.

SGM International believes in “Concept and Value Bases Integrated Learning” that facilities the integration of global ideas and the rich cultural beliefs and values of India. Our academic approach has the essentials of LEARNING BY DOING, INTEGRATED LEARNING, MULTIPLE INTELLIGENCE APPROACH and DIFERENTIATED INSTRUCTIONSTARTAGY.

Together we Learn, Enjoy, Grow and Achieve