Rules of Conduct

> Every student must carry his Almanac to school every day. In case it is lost, it should be reported to the class teacher immediately and a new almanac should be obtained.

> The students are always expected to set standards of good conduct and politeness in the school, in the buses and at public places.

> Students shall attend the school on time and in clean and a proper uniform as prescribed. Improperly or shabbily dressed students will be sent back home. Wearing of I-Card is compulsory.

> During the absence of the teacher from the class, students should be under the discipline of the monitor till the arrival of the teacher.

> All students must be in their respective seats before the teacher enter the class.

> The students are expected to set a standard of polite manners and good conduct wherever they go. They should always remember that the school is judged by their conduct. They should always greet their teachers and elders whenever they meet them.

> No student shall leave the classroom without the ‘Class Pass’ and permission of the teacher/monitor.

> Students moving along the corridors or during the change of period must walk in silence, in an orderly manner, without pushing or shoving, in a single line.

> No student shall remain in the class room during the morning assembly, library period, P.T.period etc. without permission of the teacher concerned.

> Irregularity in attendance, continuous unsatisfactory academic progress, irregularity in assignment submission, indiscipline, disrespectful behavior towards teachers, bad moral influence, willful damage to the school property, lack of attendance, absence from class without proper application from the parent, truancy, delay in payment of the school fees and dues will be sufficient reasons for removal of student’s name from the school rolls.

> Students are expected to keep themselves so prepared and up to date in their studies that they could sit for any test and examination any time without notice. This is not difficult if they are regular in their lessons and complete their homework on time. They should always seek the help of subject teachers in case of difficulty in the subject.

> It will not be appreciated, if the students absent themselves a day or two before the tests or examinations for preparing their lessons. Students who are regular in their studies do not need to absent themselves in the manner.

> Students should return their Progress Report Cards duly signed by their parents within five days of the receipt of the card.

> Care must be taken of all school property and each other’s property. No students should scratch or spoil the desks or chairs, damage or misuse any school property, write or draw on the walls in any way damage things belonging to others. Damage done by anyone should be reported at once. Any damage done to the building, glass panes, furniture, apparatus, library or any other property will be rectified by the one responsible for it.

> Students should make use of the dustbins provided for throwing bits of paper etc. they are expected to keep the school campus neat and clean.

> No student will be allowed to go home early  on any day(especially Test day) for any reason please do not send your child to school, if she/he is unwell and unable to stay in school for the whole day.

> Parents and guardians should not visit the teachers in the classrooms(except during parent-teacher’s meeting)

> Students are strictly forbidden to purchase any article of food from un-authorized vendors near the school premises.

> Students are advised not to bring costly articles, like/watches, calculators, jewellery, etc. to the school. Any loss of articles or money should be reported to the class teacher or subject teachers immediately. Lending or borrowing money or other articles is not permitted. The school will not be responsible for articles or cash lent, borrowed or lost. Weapons of any kind are not allowed. Students are not permitted to bring electronic gadgets like mobile phones to the school. In case of violation of this rule the articles will be confiscated.

> Students who go home on their own by public buses or walking should make it a point to return home from the school so as not to be the cause of worry for their parents as well as for the school authorities.

> Depending upon the needs of weak students, the school may organize remedial classes beyond the school hours. The parents co-operation will be appreciated.

> Provisional admission for class XI will begin in the second week of April and will be based on the students year round performance in Class X. choice of streams will be confirmed only on the basis of marks after the declaration of class X result. Selection for the three streams will be strictly based on eligibility of marks required for the respective streams. No body with less than 50% will be eligible for admission to class XI. Admission after this will be based on availability of seats.

> No students shall be allowed to talk to any outsider or relatives at any place other than the reception during school hours.

> Students are not allowed to go anywhere after the school, other than home, without written permission from the parents.

> Students are not allowed to talk to any outsider during the school hours without the permission of concerned teachers supervising the students.

> Students are not allowed to call any student from the school on the direction of any outsider.

> No student will be allowed to change the bus route number allotted to him/her without the prior sanction of school authorities or a written request from the parents.

> Before beginning of an assignment, the date, title and assignment no, should be written at the top. After the teacher’s correction of mistakes/wrong answers, the students must do the corrections under the heading ”Corrections/Follow up work with Ex. No”. Written work should not be on loose sheets.

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